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AC Solid State Contactor, Heat Sink with Diagnostics, C2 Series

C2 Series AC Solid State Relay Contactor & Commercial Heatsink

C2 SERIES - Two Channel Solid State Contactor

Intelligent AC solid state contactors, with integral heatsink, up to
480VAC 100A per contact, 40mm contact width in 80mm increments, (2 legs),
full featured including
thermal limit. Use C2 contactors for all load types.
Control types: AC, DC logic and 0-10VDC Linear with Diagnostic output.

Key specifications: 48-
480VAC, 65 or 100A per Channel, 2 Independent Channels
AC or DC logic or 0-10V Control, MOV Protected Outputs, 2000V/uSec Immunity, 4000V Isolation
Thermal Limit Diagnostic Output (DC Control), Direct Copper Bonded SCRs, CE and RoHS Compliant.
For assistance call 540.822.9228
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