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SSR Manufacturer Factory Outlet For VB Controls Inc.

The Solid State Relay is an SSR Manufacturer that sells AC DC Fast Solid State Relays,  and solid state contactor switches.  We also carry a line of heat sinks and protective devices. VB Controls is a veteran owned small business incorporated in Virginia, February 2000. VB Controls focuses on environmentally friendly products, that work great, last a long time at excellent value.  Our High Power A.C. and D.C. Solid State Relays and solid state contactors are manufactured in Virginia using automated assembly with few manual operations. In addition to the standard products shown here, VB Controls is an SSR Manufacturer that designs custom high quality solid state relay products including solid state relays, power measurement circuits, sequencers, motor drives, temperature and lighting controls. We are an experienced manufacturer and an authorized distributor of Automated Printed Circuit Board Assembly equipment. For custom products and PCB assembly equipment, contact us at or call 540.822.9228 and ask for Steve or Brandy.

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