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Solid State Relay Products.

Solid State Relays - High Power, Fast Switching AC or DC SSRs

Solid State Relays High Power Fast Switching A.C. or D.C SSRs 15u Sec (Solid State Relay) Made in the USA

DC Solid State Relays PE Series Ultra-fast & PF Series High AC Blocking Voltage

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PE Series: High Power DC SSR Solid State Relay in standard
“Hockey Puck” SSR package. Blazing fast switching
 solid state relays
with times of 15uSec

ultra-low on-state resistance. These SSRs achieve fast,
efficient DC solid
state relay performance -
Outputs: IGBT and MOSFET SSR.

C2 Series: Intelligent AC Solid State Relay Contactors, with Integral 
Heat Sink up to 480VAC 100A per contact, 40mm contact width in 80mm
increments, (2 legs), full featured including thermal limit. Use C2 contactors 
for all load types. Control types: AC, DC logic and 0-10VDC Linear with
Diagnostic output.
PF Series:  AC SSR solid state relay in standard “Hockey Puck” package. 
Low on-state voltage for cool operation, super off-state immunity for use on all
load types: PF solid state relay range: Up to 600VAC, 90Amps
AC and DC control.

PR Series:AC solid state relay “Hockey Puck”. Low cost solid state relay for
robust, no frills performance.  Use PR series SSR for high resistive and 
most inductive motor loads, Range:Up to 600VAC, 50Amps, AC and DC control.

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SOLID STATE RELAY Advantages vs. Electro-Mechanical Relay

   Solid State Relays do not wear out, due to not having moving parts or mechanical contacts. With no mechanical parts to wear out solid state relays are ideal for applications that benefit from many repetitive operations per day. Use of rapid cycling reduces thermal stress and extends the life of most loads, like heaters. Solid state relays have stable operation regardless of age due to lack of wear. A Solid State Relay can be Controlled directly from Logic Circuits. An additional power supply is typically not needed due the the solid state relay’s wide range of control voltage, such as 3 to 32 volts at a few milliamps. An electromechanical requires a drive circuit that often includes a small solid state relay or discrete power device, and the design needs the appropriate voltage power supply for the coil. Though a solid state relay itself typically costs more, the overall cost may be lower due to lower support costs.

   Many electro-mechanical relays contain environmentally damaging material, such as mercury. SSR - Solid State Relays are environmentally friendly and RoHS compliant (Restriction of Hazardous Substances). Solid state relays do not make audible noise. Solid state relays do not EMF Static Bursts because they don't have contacts that arc. Thus, a solid state relay does not create significant magnetic fields and is not vulnerable to them. All of VB Controls solid state relays are CE compliant, which requires having low electronic and magnetic emissions and high immunity to external electromagnetic events. Solid state relays are not affected by gravity and operate in any physical orientation. Solid state relays do not change state due non-destructive vibration or impact. An AC solid state relay is typically five times faster than an electromechanical. DC solid state relays are over one thousand times faster than an Electromechanical. Thus, solid state relays provide superior reliability, performance, ease of use and are environmentally friendly.

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